I may not be Alex Trebek and you may not be equipped with a buzzer, but I have an irresistible offer: How about a game of Wine Country Jeopardy?

While this first round may seem easy, it will get progressively more challenging over time. Are you in? Great.

Wine Country Notables for $1000? Sure, and the answer is -.

This late vintner was an icon in Wine Country, a legend who led a crusade for California wine in the 1960s, inspiring his fellow vintners to make California wines that would champion French Bordeaux and Burgundies. In 2004, he lost the winery he built in a $1.36 billion buyout by Constellation Brands of New York. At the time, he said he was retained as the “Goodwill Ambassador” when in actuality he was a “Goodwill Icon.”

Who is –?

This vintner has a yellow Gulf Stream jet at his disposal. Parked at the Napa Airport, it can whisk him to a different time zone, a different hemisphere, a different culture. This power broker came to Napa Valley 30 years ago to buy a historic Victorian as a getaway but today he’s making serious wine. The Academy Award winning film director is best known for “The Godfather” trilogy and “Apocalypse Now.”

Who is –. ?

3) With financial backing from family friend Gordon Getty, this power broker built a small business empire with his PumpJack Winery, restaurants, wine shops and resorts. As co-founder of PlumpJack Winery in Napa Valley, this man brought his entrepreneurial spirit to the food and wine industry, becoming the first to replace corks with screw tops in luxury-priced wines. This vintner doubles as the dashing young mayor of San Francisco who made an international splash by opening City Hall for gay marriage.

Who is — ?