Name that varietal. Here’s a game that brings out the wine detective in each of us. What? Have you never been a wine sleuth before? Well, it’s time you consider these clues and name that varietal.

1) Granny Smith and Yellow Delicious apples, custard, vanilla, butterscotch, toast hazelnuts, pineapple.

2) Grapefruit, green pepper, pineapple guavas, sorrel.

3) Ripe raspberries, dried cherries, rhubarb, Crimini mushrooms.


1) Chardonnay – big, lush and full-bodied, the Marilyn Monroe of wine.

2) Sauvignon Blanc – refreshing and bright, Doris Day by comparison.

3) Pinot Noir – sensual, supple, sexy, and yes, Marlon Brando-like.

How did you do?

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