To compete with an influx of inexpensive wine from Australia and Spain, among other places, California vintners have been courting the Millennials, the children of Baby Boomers who range in age from 21 to 32, with hip budget blends like Seven Deadly Zins and Screw Kappa Napa.

Some experts claim Millennials are the most powerful consumer group at 75 million plus. Liz Thach, a professor at Sonoma State University, is one of them. Thach has tapped into the inquiring minds and palates of the Millennials to track of sampling of their likes and dislikes with her website The professor of management and wine business said consumers of all ages should keep an eye on the Millennials because they’re powerful trendsetters. “They have a tendency to buy in all price ranges and they also buy a lot of imports,” Thach said. “They also love sparkling wine and champagne – As they get older, their spending power will be enormous.”

If you’re a Millennial, what do you make of your status? Do you regard yourself as a powerful trendsetter? What are your favorite bottlings? What are your favorite wine bars?

If you’re a Generation Xer (33 to age 45) or a Baby Boomer (roughly 46 to 62) what do you make of the Millennials? Do you keep an eye on them?