Part with a glass of wine?

“That’s the most ridiculous thing I ever heard,” as Groucho would say.

The online banter in our global village continues to be about that British study that found one glass of chardonnay, a single beer or any other type of alcohol a day poses a cancer risk.

The Net is on fire, with heated voices like calling the study “flawed” and “factually inaccurate.” Chiming in is, the San Francisco-based trade association. It argues that for more than three decades “hundreds of studies” have associated moderate drinking with lower risk of cardiovascular disease and other illnesses. Others in the pro-drink camp are citing the research on resveratrol – that substance in red wine that supposedly offers a host of health benefits.

Hey, for those of us who sip and swirl for a living, I doubt there will ever be small print on the contract that says this position may pose a cancer risk. Am I worried about my occupational hazard? No. (Perhaps because I drink a glass a day). Frankly, what doesn’t cause cancer? Everything is suspect from heated Tupperware to carpet cleaner to the stress of raising children.

I think a better strategy is to drink in moderation and pair that with humor. There’s actually a site on the web called RX Laugher and its mission is to encourage people to use humor as a remedy.

So I say don’t pour any wine out just yet. Just be sure to read the funny pages.