In Wine Country we consider vino full of intrigue, the making of great film noir.

But apparently the producers of Platinum Weddings, a reality show which airs on WE T.V., don’t find as much drama as we do in the glass.

In a recent taping Randy Ullom, the winemaster at Kendall-Jackson, and Melissa Stackhouse, the winemaker of La Crema, went through a line-up of wines to help the bride and groom pick their reception wines, the second most important decision of their life as a couple. (The first was to tie the knot.) But the three and half hour episode was whittled down to about 2 minutes.

What’s with that? All that great wine talk on the cutting room floor? I just don’t understand why dialogue like “nuance of flavor,” “complexity,” and “aromas of peach blossom” didn’t make the cut. Those producers must be muggles who don’t know the true wizardry of wine.

The episode, taped at the rustic-chic Supper Club in Sacramento, will air this fall.

It will show a wedding party sniffing and swirling a sampling a selection of Kendall-Jackson and La Crema bottlings.

Ullom said the most important things to consider when choosing reception wines are:

1) The menu, 2) how wine savvy are the bride, the groom and the guests, 3) the location, 4, the time of year for the event.

As for reality T.V., Ullom said he’s not equipped to be a fan. He doesn’t have cable or a connected television, but he said he’s a fan of reality. “I do enjoy the reality of everyday life, which is quite exciting.”