The black hole of the Net offers people an endless opportunity to chatter, to banter, to pontificate.

Here are some websites that will likely pique the interest of the wine-lovers: – This social networking site, which features wine events, focuses on millennials, the offspring of the baby boomers. It has forums, blogs and videos. – This is a crossroads between Twitter, the technology that allows people to chat in real time, and people tasting wine in real time. – This is a social media monitoring site. It interprets measures and engages in online chatter. It feeds information to online sources and provides near “real time” wine consumer insights to help wineries know their current target. – A site that seems entirely industry oriented at first glance, but there are actually some great perks for everyday wine consumers such as discounts, specialty tastings and nifty products like decanters. – A place to upload and air videos. While it isn’t wine focused, wine videos are welcome. – This wine blog by Alder Yarrow focuses on wine and food adventures in San Francisco and beyond. It reviews food and drink, as well as offers event wine coverage. – Writer Tom Wark puts it best: “It’s a blog inside the world of wine public relations, where the media, culture and I mingle.”

Mark Fisher’s Uncorked wine blog at the – Mark covers both quirky and controversial stories with skill, a smart reporter and connoisseur. Mark is also the food and dining reporter for the Dayton Daily News.

What are some of your discoveries we haven’t listed? Your favorites of those on our list? Remember, the Net is generous so vote and vote often.