There’s a Bohemian Grove of sorts, a place where the powerful converge, the influential amass, the prestigious reign. But they don’t discuss heady ideas like the Manhattan Project. No, here they talk about cult cabernets and silky pinots, supple textures, complex layering.

This “grove” is the Mayacamas Country Club in Windsor, a gathering place for the wine elite. More than 30 vintners are members, men and women with highbrow labels like Harlan Estates, Araujo and Marcassin. Last Saturday these vintners poured wine for their fellow club members, a perk for the privileged. Here’s another perk: there are wine lockers at the club so members can store their upscale bottlings on the premises. What a grove.

Did you know –

A magnum of presidential stature will be auctioned off May 16. This bubby has the inaugural seal on it and it’s one of a kind in circulation today.

Korbel in Guerneville produced 20 cases of this magnum – the Korbel Natural – and donated it so it could be served at the inaugural luncheon that followed the swearing in ceremony. Auction proceeds will benefit the Sebastopol Education Foundation ( and organizers hope the bottle will reel in $10,000.

Did you know – is a show on the Net that recommends wines. As host Eduardo Porto Carreiro says, “We drink a lot of bad wine so you won’t have to.” The site was created by Bob Asher, a man who says, “Wine is just grape juice and everyone is acting like it’s holy water.” He’s right of course. Check it out and report back.

Did you know –

If you visit and type in “wine,” you can find out what people are saying about wine in real time. One person twittered: “I’m trying to qualify as a red wine expert by drinking as much of it as I can,” while another said: “I poured some wine for my dog. Who am I to be selfish?”