It’s hard to keep up with the swift pace of communication these days, but at least one company is trying to figure out the answer to this monumental question: How well does social media pair with wine?

Paul Mabray, a co-founder of Vintank, says he doesn’t offer a service per se, but his digital think tank offers “grey matter.” So just what does the collective brain of Vintank have to say? For one thing, that the mobile phone will replace the computer more and more in the next technological shake out. Makes sense. Why lug around a computer when your phone is just as smart?

I asked a few questions about Vintank’s report and welcome you to ask more in our forum. Mabray has freed himself up to answer in warp speed.

Q: Give us the Cliff Notes version of the report. The top three points:

A: 1) The social wine space will greatly benefit from social media. 2) Wine advertising online is incredibly challenging due to antiquated laws. 3) CellarTracker and VinCellar were the best two wine social networks, with Adegga being the one to watch due to some innovative thinking.

Q: What is the most surprising thing to come out of your social media report?

A: That social media (which many are calling just a buzz word) will be one of the best ways to bridge the gap between wineries, wine retailers and consumers.

Q: Facebook, now Twitter. What new technology is on the horizon that will alter communications yet again?

A: Mobile technology. The mobile will become more and more the replacement for the computer especially for getting information, communicating and hopefully commerce. For the wine industry there will finally be applications that allow people to look on their phone when reading a wine list and see the “global voice” that represents the quality of that wine as well as professionals. They’ll also be able to ask the “global voice” questions about the wine and their food pairing. Finally,they will be able to easily contribute to that “global voice” to let them know their opinion for the next request –

What questions do you have for this grey matter?