Cycles Gladiator Wines, which have been on store shelves in Alabama for three years, have been banned from restaurants and retail stores by the Alabama Beverage Control Board, which has deemed the label “pornographic.”


What do you think?


A)    Ridiculous.

B)     Only in Alabama.

C)    It’s art, plain and simple.

D)    The label is provocative and could result in a wave of unwanted pregnancies.


The correct answer for every other state in the Union is C – It’s art, plain and simple.  The label is actually a replica of an antique French poster created in 1985 to advertise bicycles. Originals are sold for as much as $50,000.


But the answer chosen by Bill Leigon, President of Hahn Family Wines, which produces the label, is A – Ridiculous. “It’s not a pornographic label,” he said. “We’re not going to change it. We are going to withdraw from the state and it’s a shame …”


How would my old high school buddy Evelyn Stathakes, who lives in a small town in Alabama, answer my quiz? She apparently picks B – Only in Alabama. “I read about the label in the local papers,” she said, responding to my questions with Facebook speed — 18 minutes. “You live in liberal California. Here in the Deep South it is very conservative, very Baptist dominated. Most of my customers (Evelyn owns a restaurant) have never had a sip of alcohol. You have to remember they (state officials) just allowed higher alcohol content beer here. We cannot even have wine shipped into the state. It’s crazy. I could go on …”


How would you answer my quiz? Here’s your chance to have your unmitigated say on the great debate: art versus pornography.