Julia Child, the Grande Dame of the kitchen, always wanted America to drink like the French, with a bottle of wine on the table every night.


I wonder what Child would do if heard about Winethatloves.com. What would her voice – that seemed blanched, as though it were skittering over a rolling boil – sound like? A shriek?


Winethatloves.com is a website that completely dumbs down wine and food pairing so masterfully you can be illiterate and find the bottle you’re looking for. Seriously.


There are five bottlings in the winethatloves series and each has a picture of food on the label. Take a look at the picture below and check out these bottlings:

Wine That Loves Chicken

Wine That Loves Pizza

Wine That Loves Pasta with Tomato Sauce.




The wine director of the site is actually a heavy hitter: Ralph Herson, a sommelier who has worked for Manhattan’s Le Cirque 2000 and was a cellarmaster for Windows on the World.


Hersom’s philosophy is this: “Enjoying food with the wine that brings out the best in that dish is the next step in the evolution of good eating.”


Is winethatloves.com truly helping Americans evolve? On one hand, I think this mass market attempt to court the American palate is a bit insulting. And it completely takes the discovery out of finding a great food and wine match. On the other hand, Hersom’s credentials are solid and anything that encourages wine on the American dinner table every night can’t be all bad.


What would Julia make of this? With the film Julie & Julia in the theatres, Child has once again become a part of daily consciousness, America’s food and wine zealot.


So what would Julia think? It’s impossible to know and yet, if Hersom made a botting called winethatloves butter, it’s just possible he could wine Child over.