I met a friend last night for a beer at Third Street Aleworks in Santa Rosa, and I was reminded how great it is to live in Beer Country, a frothy oasis of boutique brews.



We joked that if there’s ever a Beer Summit II at the White House, officials don’t need to look any further than the North Bay and its popular brews. In fact, for those who are hip to the region’s best brews, I’m curious what you think is the most summit worthy? What brews would best promote political goodwill?







In the North Bay the most popular brews are IPAs, known as India pale ales, because they’re the most hop-driven. For the uninitiated, a hop is the flower of the female plant added as a spice the flavors of hops have an impressive range, from rose to citrus to apricot to pineapple. It’s the complexity of the hops that make beer IPAs the beer of choice for many wine-lovers.


Some of the most popular IPAs are:


Alework’s Bodega Head IPA


Moonlight Brewing’s Bombay by the Boat IPA


Anderson Valley Brewing IPA


Lagunitas IPA


Dempsey’s Petaulma Strong Ale