I got a kick out of Harry Bosworth’s reaction to vintner Jess Jackson’s effort to rename Black Mountain to Alexander Mountain. Bosworth said, “Why don’t we just call it Mount K-J and get it over with.”




Jackson, a self-made billionaire, is 79 and he still has moxie. The attorney knows the 3,128-foot piece of real estate is potentially a marketing marvel that could help him create a special grape-growing designation.


One time I flew with Jackson in his helicopter over this mountain in question and others. I remember thinking at the time, he’s the only person I know who actually owns swaths of mountains.


Should he be able to rename Black Mountain for promotional purposes? Well, other companies stick their name on real estate, i.e., the Wells Fargo Center of the Arts and the ATT Park, so it’s not a precedent-setting move. However, it does feel odd to market Mother Nature..


What do you think?