People no longer read, I’m convinced, they skim. In light of that, take in this 60-second sip, this quick-hit of knowledge.


50 seconds to go … here goes:


What does the unsuspecting restaurant-goer do when a waiter puts a cork on the table?

     1)      Sniff it to see if the wine smells corked.

     2)      Nothing.

     3)      Save it, of course, for your son who’s building a cork robot masterpiece.




And the answer is?

#2. That’s right, nada. Putting a cork on the table is a tradition that dates back the 18th century, a practice to prove restaurants weren’t doing a switcheroo with lesser quality wine from another bottling.


What’s the point here?

There seems to be some cork confusion in checking for a corked wine. To check you simply smell the wine in the glass, and if that smells suspicious, you take a sip. Just leave the cork on the table … or save it for your son.


There you have it.  Your sip.