You recall that Cycles Gladiator was banned this summer from Alabama restaurants and retail stores by the Alabama Beverage Control Board, which deemed the label pornographic. But the brouhaha has apparently been good for sales, which are up by 26 percent in what is typically a slow time of year, says Head Poobah Bill Leigon, Hahn Family Wines President.

Youve got to love this. Leigon has been running with the ban, holding Banned in Bama dinners in South Carolina and Banned in Bama displays in Georgia on the border. Weve had countless emails, etc., he said. We have even set up a Banned in Bama store online, he said. (Check out  



Whats the good news about bad news in the press?

“It’s well known the psychological effect of banning something is that it creates more demand,” Leigon said. “My favorite line is the postcard from New Hampshire, ‘Whatever is forbidden is fun. Therefore I’m sure your wine is great. Where can I buy posters, etc.?’”

Is Leigon laughing all the way to the bank? Pretty much. I imagine there are people in the public relations industry right now wondering what it would take to get a ban.

Sex sells, but a ban, now that really sells.