There has been an uproar over the Sonoma County Supervisors’ decision to send seven people to the international conference on climate control in Copenhagen Denmark next week. The critics say allocating $22,500 during budget cuts and employee furloughs is outrageous. But vintner Paul Dolan, who plans to go to the conference, said spending the money is a wise investment.

“There‘s no better investment,” Dolan said. “We’ve been in a recession before and that will pass. But this climate change issue is the most critical concern of our lifetime … Scientists and business leaders are telling us that if we don’t deal with this now and turn back the tide and start decreasing the emissions within the next four years, we might reach a tipping point that we could not recover from.”

Dolan said the goal of the conference is to lay groundwork for objectives for businesses, communities and governments and to create an action plan that will turn the tide of global warming.

Dolan is participating on behalf of The Climate Group, which is based in London. The international organization has 1000 senior business leaders as well as governmental leaders. Dolan said The Climate Group has expertise in bring diverse groups together to address issues and opportunities to end global warming. ( 

 Do you agree with Dolan, that global warming is the most critical concern or our lifetime?