I tasted a glass of wine blind last night and it turned out to be quite a surprise. It wasn’t complex, but it was a decent everyday wine for less than $5 a bottle.

The unveiling revealed Bota Box Old Vine Zinfandel, 2008 California. It’s a wine contained in a 3-liter box which is equivalent to four regular bottles, and priced at $19 a box, that’s less than $5 a bottle.

The producers claim the Bota Box technology keeps the wine fresh for up to 45 days after opening it. I’m going to test that claim by tasting it throughout the month. Why not get a box and do the taste test with me? Bota Box is sold nationally so you should find some at area retailers, but for more information on buying it, visit www.botabox.com.

The wine, which has been out for a few years, is named after the bota bag that was popular in the 1960s, especially with outdoor enthusiasts because of its portability. Today it also appeals to the environmentally-conscious because the cardboard container can be recycled.

The brand has five varietals: zinfandel, syrah, cabernet, merlot, chardonnay and pinot grigio. The zin is juicy and easy-going, with notes of blackberry, cherry, caramel and vanilla. No, it’s not complex, but it’s a good everyday quaffer, and in this economic downturn, it’s a tasty find.