Sauvignon Blanc Republic is no longer in business, one of the victimsof this economic downturn.

As winemaker John Buechsenstein said, “Who knew that the economic tsunami would occur when it did? Stronger brands than ours have fallen!”

True enough, but the fall of this republic is upsetting because the wine was impressive, the team behind it was sharp and the concept was clever. The idea was to focus on sauvignon blanc only and produce it from different parts of the world – Marlborough in New Zealand, Stellenbosch in South Africa and closer to home, the Russian River Valley in Sonoma County, to name a few.

Buechsenstein said his greatest regret is: “I was unable to fulfillour mission of completing the portfolio to feature other special SB’s of the world. I have (had) partners ready to custom crushwith me in Friuli d’Isonzo (Collio area) as well as prospects in Sudsteiermark, Austria, and Valle Casablanca, Chile. And, beyondthat, several others.”

Buechsenstein said the company sold its inventory to TraderJoes so if you’re a fan at least you’ll get a chance to find it.