The Murphy-Goode social media dispatcher has left his digs and has taken up new residence at another Healdsburg winery, Michel-Schlumberger Wine Estate.

Wallace will be working for the winery one day a week on blogs, tweets and videos in exchange for a one bedroom suite in the property that also houses the tasting room.  This arrangement is an “open ended contract” according to Jim Morris of the winery, who said “it will be an interesting experiment. He (Wallace) has a particular skill set that no one at the winery has … it’s a perfect fit.”

Morris said he’s hoping Wallace, who writes the popular blog “Dirty South Wines,” will increase traffic to the winery’s blenchlandblog, as well as foot traffic to the winery.

Wallace also has another gig — according to Morris — which he’ll announce later, but it’s not with Murphy-Goode winery or any other property owned by Jackson Family Wines.

Wallace’s much publicized contract with Murphy-Goode officially ends today, a sixth-month post which he won in an “American Idol-esque” contest, beating out 2,000 contenders. The Really-Goode Job paid $60, 000 and free board, a two-bedroom suite on the Murphy-Goode property.

Wallace and Mark Osmun of Murphy-Goode could not be reached for comment.