The offspring of the baby boomers, ranging in age from 21 to 31, are the target market for a new food and wine pilot called “Wine Uncomplicated.” Scott MacLeod, a producer with Meritage Entertainment, will begin shooting the 22-minute episode in Sonoma April 7 through 10th.

Why this target market? “We feel right now with talking to the wine industry that seems to be the hardest demographic to sell,” MacLeod said. “We found this demographic doesn’t feel comfortable going to out to buy wine. There are some savvy shoppers but there’s this lack of education and they feel they need to know.”

Cameras will begin shooting at Cline Cellars and Jacuzzi Winery, taking in shots of other locations in and around Sonoma. So if you happen to be in the vicinity, smile for the camera baby! In fact, you could be pulled into the spotlight by the show’s host, Anthony Gilardi, best know as a regular on “Miles of Style” for HGTV (Home & Garden Television).

MacLeod said the goal is to make the show “out of the box” with a slick format that features celebrities — actors, actresses, musicians and sports figures. After shooting and post production work, MacLeod will try to sell the pilot to the Food Network, the Travel Channel and other networks. He said he’ll likely know if the show’s a go by August.

In the meantime, if you’re a millennial being targeted, is this show something to tweet about? What would make it worth tuning in?