“Prohibition, The Speakeasy Wine Club” will open its doors in March and this clever bar will feature a clandestine entrance – through a telephone booth, no less — and take you back to the roaring 20s and tight-lipped 30s.

From the sidewalk the club, at 340 Healdsburg Ave. near the downtown Plaza, looks like a retail shop with a warehouse feel, but here’s the trick: You enter the Speakeasy through an antique telephone booth with a secret door that opens into a hideaway filled with rare wines from producers like Dehlinger and Williams-Selyem, along with highbrow ales and brews.

Richard and Kae Rosenberg of Healdsburg’s Grape Leaf Inn are behind the venture, and Richard said his grandfather was the inspiration because he owned and operated a real speakeasy during the Prohibition and told stories about fake facades and bootleggers. The Rosenbergs said they wanted to recreate the camaraderie of the Prohibition in Wine Country.

 The test pilot of the Prohibition project has going on for years at the Healdsburg’s Grape Leaf Inn, where guests accessed the inn’s Speakeasy and Wine Cellar through a secret door disguised as a bookcase.