The Wine Road Barrel Tasting this weekend is a Spring rite of passage that appeals to the procrastinator as well as the planner.

If you don’t want to commit yourself, you can go on a whim, pluck down $30, grab a glass and taste away. On the other hand, you can let the weather make the call. And if you decide to opt out, you can simply taste vicariously through Twitter.

Of course if you’re a Type A personality, once you pen in your plan, you’re committed. You’ve already color-coded your route, planned what varietals you’ll be sampling and budgeted for futures.

I figure we can benefit from these strategizing Type As in road trip ideas, as well as those who will be first out of the gate sampling Friday.

As for the Type A personalities – what’s your route? Where might I bump into you on Saturday? And for the early bird tasters, any not-to-be missed wineries?

The tasting – Friday, Saturday and Sunday – of this week and next, reveals a glimpse of the future as the wine ages.

After three decades, the popular barrel tasting has developed a festive atmosphere, with food, wine and entertainment offered at most tasting rooms. With tickets at $30 a pop, the event caters to the curious, particularly the millennials who range in age from 21 to 31.

Barrel-tasting provides a sneak preview of young wine that’s in the process of aging and won’t be available for another year or two. Many wineries sell so-called “futures” on their barrel samples, offering discounted prices to encourage purchases now.

The 32nd annual barrel tasting will have more than 100 wineries pouring. For a lineup of the participating wineries, visit