I know. I know. What would Miss Manner’s think? Yet it appears mothers have spoken and there’s market demand for “Mommy’s Time Out,” a new label from Selective Wine Estates.

The label hints that Mommy’s been naughty with a chair in the corner and a table beside it with a bottle and glass of wine on it. Classic.

The brand offers two bottlings to date — 2007 Garganega Pinot Grigio, Delle Venezie , Italy, and the 2006 Rosso Primitivo, Puglia, Italy.

The label won an award from Cheezburger.com for being out-of the-box outlandish.

I have not tasted the wines to date, but have a call out for them and I’ll report back.

Can wine take the stress out of being a Mom? It’s a tall order. Being a mom is being an emergency doc with a revolving door of calamities — crazy making colic, maddening sibling rivalry and teen-agers who lie.

Moms everywhere need a sip — and fast.