The California Legislature unanimously approved a proposal by the Sonoma County Vintners to have every bottle of wine produced in the county bear the words “Sonoma County” on the label. This means that if a bottle is produced in Dry Creek Valley, it would say “Dry Creek Valley – Sonoma County.” And this would be the case for all of the county’s 12 appellations, including Sonoma Coast and Sonoma Valley.

The Legislature signed the bill over the weekend Gov. Schwarzenegger is expected to sign it, which means it will likely become law, even though it won’t go into effect for three years.

Just a heads up: Napa Valley, Lodi and Paso Robles are three California regions that already have this labeling law in place.

Here’s the controversy portion of the program: Some vintners in the county strongly oppose the Sonoma County label and are even outraged by it, while others think it’s terrific.

Here’s the interesting twist: the timing.  This weekend is the Sonoma Wine CountryWeekend, the collaborative event born out of two competing events, one put on by the Sonoma County Vintners, and the other by the Sonoma Valley Vintners and Growers Alliance. It appears these two organizations have found peace in promoting Sonoma County. This is what makes the labeling controversy interesting. Individual vintners have yet to find peace in how to best promote Sonoma County.

What camp are you in? Are you for Sonoma County labeling or against it? Do you back it or are you outraged? Spill. You have room on the Net to give your unmitigated say.