With 28 people responding to my last post on this labeling issue, I’d say you have some big opinions on the matter. So now that Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger signed the proposal into law last week, how are you settling in with the news?

For the uninitiated the law – which goes into effect in three years –says every bottle of wine produced in the county have the words “Sonoma County” on the label. This means that if a bottle is produced in Dry Creek Valley, it would say “Dry Creek Valley – Sonoma County.” And this would be the case for all of the county’s 12 appellations, including Sonoma Coast and Sonoma Valley.

Just a heads up: Napa Valley, Lodi and Paso Robles are three California regions that already have this labeling law in place.

To pique your interest, here are some comments from my last post:

“…now (vintners) are FORCED to place it on their label whether they want to or not. This boils down to labels being usurped by Sonoma County for the benefit of who? Certainly not the vintners who don’t want to place the wording on their label.”

“When did government become a marketing department? The legislature shouldn’t be involved in label mandates outside of consumer protection.”

“The government is in the marketing business. We expect the country to fund tourism activities and the wine/tourism business in this county benefits from it. This is one way of promoting the county. Why wouldn’t you want it on your label? Just being contrary?