Few people know that Guy Davis has a unique offering in his Healdsburg tasting room: an aroma tasting of Apple-ation.

For the uninitiated, Apple-ation is a brandy produced from fermented and distilled Gravensteins, along with smaller portions of Jonathan, Rome, Golden Delicious and Fuji.

Davis of Davis Family Vineyards had his eye on some of these locally grown apples and said they should never wind up in generic applesauce. He had an entirely different fate in mind for them.

“For food and wine people who are into selective flavors and special ingredients, Apple-ation is a way to highlight the unique character of the Gravenstein apple,” Davis said.

As for the aroma tasting, head to the tasting room at 52 Front St. You’ll be given a special container that resembles a grappa glass, a small pot with a column to best capture the aromas of the apple brandy.

Whether you choose to buy a $35, 375-milliliter bottle will have to be a leap of faith because Davis, by law, can’t offer tastes of the 80-proof brandy in the tasting room.