Got a minute? Of course not …. the entire populace is too busy to read. But how about perusing a fact, a nugget of wine knowledge?

Did you know that in Italy the top restaurants don’t consider a clean wine glass ready to use before they’ve rinsed it out with a splash of wine?  Yes, a baptism of sorts.

While  I’m not suggesting you rinse your glass out with wine – and certainly not with Caymus or any other cult cab –  here’s an interesting fact. Often times when a wine is off it’s the glass (and its soapy residue) that’s the culprit.

If you want to toast to a New Year of clean drinking, here’s a tip:  Wash your crystal wine glass with your hand, diluted soap and lukewarm water.  Then rinse it out with hot but not scalding water.

Hold on to the Caymus for some serious, soap-free sipping.