It turns out the girls, born last month, were given a taste of wine the day after labor. And while they didn’t rate it, they appeared to like it … and no, it didn’t upset their digestion.

This is the latest from proud papa Jean Charles Boisset of Boisset Family Estates in St. Helena. The producer and importer has its roots in Burgundy, France.

“They are so sweet,” he says. “As we say in French Croquante … you want to take little bites out of them!”

To date the girls are called Baby A and Baby B. “We are learning their personalities first before rushing for a name,” Boisset says. “We have many and the list is grand! It will most likely combine both cultures. Names to come soon!”

He says parenthood is tiring, yes, but transformative.

“You have a feeling that your heart is already in someone else’s soul and that it is running in both places.”

Gina’s athletic prowess, he says, made the pregnancy seamless. “We went all the way to 38 weeks … so good size ladies, as I like to call them. Close to 7 pound for baby B & 7.2 pounds for baby A.”

Boisset says the pregnancy was an adventure. “Having witnessed Gina over the last numerous phases has been so enriching and exciting as well as sexy, I must say! She has lived the pregnancy so well, even tasting wines in moderation.”

While there were no complications with the pregnancy, there may be some challenges ahead for Boisset. After all, he reminds us, “I now represent the minority.”