Essentia Vitae, launched in Germany and Italy, is reaching out to female consumers by packaging its wine in perfume-like bottles.

Mazzetti d’Altavilla Essentia Vitae comes in three different varieties: No. 4 Ruche – jasmine scent, No. 6 Malvasia – rose scent, and No. 8 Moscato – violet scent.

Datamonitor’s Product Launch Analytics team has singled out the packaging as its “Innovation of the Week.” It does a global search to find out what it deems to be the most inventive food and drink products.

On the face of it, the packaging is a clever strategy to reach women who are uninitiated to the world of wine. But women who are wine-lovers tend to forgo perfume altogether because it interferes with wine’s aromas. In fact, women judges are always asked to come to tastings perfume-free.

We’ll keep an eye on this packaging and report back.

In the meantime, here’s one thing we know for sure. This packaging reveals that women are powerful consumers of wine. Who knows? Maybe they’ll work bling into the packaging next.