Heidi Peterson Barrett is something of a celebrity in Wine Country, and she’ll be at the Cellars of Sonoma Tasting room in Santa Rosa on Thursday (July 14th).

Barrett is best known in collector cab circles for producing a 6-liter bottle of Screaming Eagle cab that sold for a half a million dollars in 2000 at Auction Napa Valley, setting a record for the priciest bottle of wine. It was a surreal moment when nothing seemed pricier than killer cabs.

I remember talking with Barrett about that record-breaking moment, that crazy day under the white tent at Meadowood Resort.  She said she had ridden her bike to the auction in a dress — the expedient thing to do considering all the traffic. The biker in a dress had no idea a wine she crafted would go for a cool half a million.

At Cellars of Sonoma Barrett will be pouring her private label La Sirena from 6:30 to 8:30 p.m.. She’ll be the first vintner kicking of the tasting room’s summer series which features a vintner every Thursday.

Barrett’s label La Sirena means “the mermaid” in Italian and Spanish. She said it is a great expression of her two passions – winemaking and scuba diving. “I was looking for a name for my wine that would be fun and magical,” she said.

Cellars of Sonoma is at 133 Fourth Street in Railroad Square, a collective that pours wine from nine boutique wineries.