Sonoma winemaker Ben Flajnik is now one of three courting Ashley Herbert on ABC’s The Bachelorette, the reality T.V. show that makes a contest out of romance with the world watching their every move.

Just his luck, winery owner Flajnik has something the other contestants don’t have — vino otherwise known as “bottled poetry.”

The writer Robert Louis Stevenson wrote “wine is bottled poetry,” and he knew its wooing power. Who knows what Stevenson would have thought about reality T.V. but one thing is certain. He would think Flajnik would be the hands-down favorite because he’s passionate about wine.

Flajnik is the 28-year old co-owner of Evolve Winery, along with partner Michael Benziger of Glen Ellen’s Benziger Family Winery.

I’m wondering when Flajnik will full out show his advantage and take Herbert wine tasting. I’m wondering when he’ll woo her with palate talk – aromas and flavors of dried cherry, a hint of herbs, a kick of spice.

Maybe it’s Flajnik’s plan for a grand finale.

I’m waiting, along with the rest of Wine Country, to see Faljnik play romeo in earnest and romance Herbert with wine.

You don’t suppose he forgot he’s a bottled poet?