There’s a new retail store in Windsor that will intrigue those fascinated with fermenting. At the Gusmer Harvest Store there’s even a lab where wine geeks can watch on as techs monitor sulfite levels in fermenting juice, among other things. Intriguing stuff, eh?

This store is also a great place for wine geeks to hang out should they want to strike up a fiesty debate about traditional versus wild yeasts.

As for the store itself, here’s an interesting twist: It will only be open for a short window – from August through Nov. 30th.  Gusmer Enterprises said the outlet is following the model of the Halloween stores which are open from Sept. through early November, when they do 100 percent of their business. There is a store in Napa that’s open thorough-out the year, but this is the company’s attempt to reach into Sonoma County and beyond. (9025 Old Redwood Hwy., Suite C.,  707-836-1056.)