Are you prepared to celebrate anything and everything to keep the bubbly free-flowing from now until New Year’s Eve?


Absolutely no worries if you happen to be a strapped shopper this year like most Americans, you can still partake in Bubbly Season.

Just plan to budget indulgence with an inexpensive sparkler.  Top picks under $25 include:

Roederer Estate’s NV Anderson Valley Brut

Domaine Chandon’s Brut Classic, NV California

Mirabelle NV North Coast Brut

When value shopping, here’s what’s key:

Find bottles that are made in the traditional method that Champagne is produced. Look for this wording on the label: “Traditional method” or “fermented in this bottle.” If you see a label that says “Charmat Process” or “fermented in the bottle,” beware. The sparklers’ secondary fermentation was in a big container or a tank and this process will create big soda pop bubbles, not to mention a less complex, refined sparkler.

We’ll report back with more snippets of information, and we’ll keep our tips as free-flowing as the bubbly.