When you work the crowd, sometimes you come away with a good story or two.

It’s Day 6 and the long line on Fourth Street in Santa Rosa continues to grow for those angling to get a taste of Pliny The Younger, the limited release brew of the Russian River Brewing Co. It’s only available for two weeks every year and this year that short window only extends to Feb. 16th.

One guy in line named Marcus Dunseth said he once took $150 worth of Russian River brews to his bartender friend in Washington D.C. because it’s next to impossible to get Russian River brews back there. His friend, Paul Savage, uses the brews to bribe his colleagues for a shift change or some other perk at work. Savage is the bartender at a bar in Washington D.C. called Churchkey, which offers 600 beers.

Others in line also had interesting stories to share. Once couple from Australia heard about the coveted brew from a friend who came last year. Grant Gilmore of Townsville Australia said he’s here to taste Pliney, The Younger, but he’s also anxious to taste other Russian River brews, as well. His girlfriend, Amy Payne, said Gilmore is “trying to make me a beer-lover as well. So far not the case.”

We’ll see. This is the 8th year of the release ritual and at the time I chatted with them they were the last in line. To make the brew last for the two-week stretch, the company only has a certain amount it offers each day.

Carole Ann Thompson, a hostess at Russian River Brewing Co., said hundreds and hundreds of people have come through — people from all over the U.S., Australia, England, Japan and Belgium.