In Wine Country a dozen red roses simply won’t cut it, but if you pair the roses with a sexy wine, the ultimate aphrodisiac, you’ll not only charm your Valentine but you’ll romance her palate. And this, my friend, will make you one smart Romeo.

Of course in this sluggish economy one red rose and a half bottle of wine is more than sufficient. It’s the rose/vino combo that’s the impressive gesture. Price has little to do with it.

Where to begin?

Since a sexy wine is relative, the first thing you have to do is consider her palate. Does she find bubbles sexy or pinot?

Once you decide whether a sparkler or a pinot noir is in order, then you have to look like you put some effort into researching the bottling.  Do not  – I repeat – do not make this purchase seem effortless. (“I was in a hurry so I just grabbed a bottle.”)  That would make you a cad.

On the contrary, it would be wise for you to say you shopped at three wine shops, consulted your friend the sommelier and tasted a line-up of wines before you selected the bottling.

Or you could say you picked the bottle for a sentimental reason because, as you know, women are seduced by sentiment.

Okay Romeo, now that you’re set with your strategy, here are some sexy sparklers and pinots for you to peruse.



Roederer Estate, NV Brut Anderson Valley, $18

Schramsburg, 2008 Blancb de Noirs , $38.

Iron Horse Brut X, $50.


Pinot Noir

Saint Gregory, 2009 Mendocino Pinot Noir, $20

Copain, 2009 Les Voisins Pinot Blend, $40.

Patz & Hall, 2010 Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, $45.

Just one more word of advice: Don’t make the fatal mistake of buying your Valentine yellow roses. Even a swanky bottle of wine couldn’t fix that. My husband made that mistake years ago and we’re still joking about it.