This just in. History in the making …

There’s an attempt for a Guinness World Record for the longest relay wine toast and it’s labeled “The Napa Valley Wine Wave.” The event will take place at Charles Krug Winery Oct. 7.

Wine lovers world-wide are invited to join in the relay and potentially surpass the current world record of 321 participants that was set in November, 2011 by Shenzhen Sinoauwine in Guangzhou, China.

Who’s behind the wine relay? The St. Helena Kiwanis Club, in partnership with the wineries of Appellation St. Helena, CHEERS! St. Helena and the St. Helena Chamber of Commerce.

How to qualify? To complete the Guinness World Record the relay toast must be done in sequential order, without interruption or mistakes. Upon completion, an Official Guinness Adjudicator will announce whether the new world record has been set. Proceeds raised from the event will go towards scholarships in the agriculture, viticulture, winemaking, business and hospitality industries.

You in? There’s a lot of goodwill sipping in Wine Country, but this is one clever contest.

Of course, there are still a few unanswered questions in my mind. I’m not clear if this is a timed contest and whether people actually toast with words in addition to clinking their glasses. If this is the case, the long-winded among us might want to sit this contest out. Or perhaps simply refrain from talking about world peace and an end to world hunger and let a simple Cheers! suffice.