Joyce Mullen lives in Lynbrook, Long Island and she’s still without power, enduring both cold showers and the annoyance of waiting in long lines for gas. She also has to deal with the irksome practice of charging her cell phone in her car.

What to do? Uncork something and quick.

Mullen and her husband Bob recently shared a bottle of Wilson zinfandel to lift their spirits.

Mullen’s sister, Chris Rogers of Santa Rosa, had taken them to Wilson Winery in Healdsburg last October and they loved the wine — so much so they had a case shipped to their home.

“They would normally have opened the zin on a happier occasion to celebrate life, but they were feeling discouraged about their situation and decided they would change their state by opening a good bottle of California wine,” Rogers said. “After a glass or two, things always look better.”

When I heard all about this Sandy sipping, it occurred to me I need to add one more thing to our emergency kit — a good bottle of wine and a rustic zin is actually a good pick. When Mother Nature acts up, it’s a good idea to have something handy to buoy our spirits.