Gina Gallo.

That’s according to Today the online publication released the final, top 10 of the chosen 50, putting the 45-year old Gallo at the top of its list.

In Sonoma County you might run across this “top pick” at her Dry Creek Store in Healdsburg while ordering a Fiery Italian Panini. When I was last in, the woman behind the counter said, “You just missed Gina. She comes in every so often to check on things with her twin girls.”

What gave Gallo the edge in being the #1 pick? It doesn’t hurt that she’s part of a power couple. In 2009 Gallo married Jean-Charles Boisset, a merger of sorts between Gallo and Boisset’s Burgundy-based wine empire.

Gallo is the face of the privately-owned company that continues to turn heads with swift sales. Founded in 1933 by Ernest and Julio Gallo, the company sold 75 million cases of wine last year, compared to the trailing second place Concha y Toro, with 29.7 million.