Rick Tigner, president of Kendall-Jackson Winery, will appear yet again on the CBS reality series ‘Undercover Boss’ Friday, and this episode will feature the most intriguing bosses from the four seasons of the series.

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What would the late Jess Jackson think of Tigner’s latest star turn? Who knows? But the irony is that the industry icon could have never been an undercover boss. Everyone knew Jess with his thick white hair, often beneath a cowboy hat, whether he was walking in the vineyards, or tasting blends in the lab. There would have been no way to keep the visionary under wraps.

As for Tigner, the show will revisit his last appearance in the third season and focus on how it affected his life. Tigner, a 20-year veteran of the winery, became president after Jackson passed away in 2011.

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