At Sunday’s Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction bidders had an appetite for goodwill, raising a record-breaking $4 million. Pocket change for the well-heeled?

To capture the color of the auction – the fashion, the humor, the bidding mentality – here’s this year’s list of “bests,” from best dressed, to best lot, to best dish. For those who went to the auction and for the curious who didn’t, here are some snapshots.

Best dressed:

Alli Napier was wearing a colorful shirt from Kenya, but it was her oversized necklace that caught your eye. The Massai wedding necklace is a tribal trinket created from an intricate weave of beads and shells. Napier, of Sacramento, came to the auction with her friend, Lauren Krause, co-owner of Glen Ellen’s Beltane Ranch, and she found the African backdrop theme amusing.

“I’ve been on a more rustic safari but this is a more glamorous one,” Napier said, with a laugh.

Most exotic lot:

Here’s a trip for people who have a yen for Asian culture: Holiday in Hong Kong and Macau with Jean-Charles Boisset and Buena Vista. The lot features three nights in Hong Kong, multiple winemaker dinners, and a helicopter tour of Victoria Harbor, Hong Kong Island and the surrounding areas.

Best dish:

Foodies couldn’t stop talking about this tasty entrée: Moroccan Lamb Tagine, Couscous, Apricots and Almonds.

Best author on being an entrepreneur:

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, was at the auction with his wife, Kim. The couple bought Lot 29, which features a trip to Hong Kong, for $110. Kiyosaki said, “I’m the most boring guy I know and I want some of Jean-Charles’ (Boisset) charisma to rub off on me.”

Best Prop:

Danny Fay, co-owner of Sonoma’s Envolve Winery, wore a giraffe costume with pride, and he made a spot on prediction before the first paddle was raised.

“We’re going to raise more money today for the kids of Sonoma than any other day in history, and if I have to dress up like an exotic animal to help make this happen, I’ll do it.”

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