Attachment-1 (2)Bravo to Orpheus Wines for its out-of-the-box offering. The winery has a Keg Club for those wanting to buy its wine in kegs, and the Kenwood winery is one of the few in California offering a brand of recyclable kegs called “Keykegs.”

This winery is no slacker. The Orpheus, 2013 Mendocino Viognier is a recent wine-of-the-week winner, and the winery offers this wine and red blends in keg.

For some pricing perspective, the viognier is $20 a bottle, but if you buy a keg of it – which is the equivalent of two cases – you’ll pay 25 percent less than you would for that volume in bottle.

But for many consumers it’s all about the footprint.

“The Keykegs offer a substantial reduction in carbon footprint compared to the equivalent wine volume in bottles,” explained winemaker Marc Krafft. “Geographically they are more widespread abroad than here. Keykegs and kegs in general have been making some headway in the market, but have yet to be accepted in wider circulation.”

Krafft said more restaurants have started using wine on tap, but Orpheus is still one of only a few wineries that pour from the keg at its tasting room and at events.

The winery has sold 10 kegs this year, primarily for parties and charity events. Now it’s beginning to sell more kegs to consumers who want to have a keg in their home to use as their everyday house wine.

The nifty container alone makes for a great conversation piece. Personally I’m thinking the sleek look and the tasty wine inside makes good holiday sense., tasting room at Kenwood Village, 8910 Hwy 12, Kenwood, 707-282-9231.