Davis is one of the most entrepreneurial winemakers in Wine Country, so it’s no surprise that he’s behind the first bottling of WHOA Crane Vineyard Pinot Noir. It’s also no surprise it’s knockout.

For the uninitiated, WHOA stands for Work Horse Organic Agriculture, and it’s an organic farm in Santa Rosa with a mission. It grows organic food for people in need.

WHOA, for example, delivers produce to St. Vincent de Paul in Santa Rosa for meals prepared for the homeless.

The reach of WHOA is broad, and its healthy produce finds its way into many organizations.

The 2012 WHOA Pinot Noir will be a useful tool to spread the word about this good deed farm to the wine world and beyond.

The pinot is complex with layered notes of pomegranate, cherry, anise and a touch of oak. It also has impeccable balance, with crisp acidity. But it’s the intensity of the pinot that makes it a standout.

Davis always has interesting projects going. For a spell he made a boutique bottling of cabernet sauvignon for Henry Cornell, an executive of Goldman Sachs, that sold in China for $400 a bottle.

When I first met Davis, he was excited about the creation of an apple brandy called Apple-Ation. He collaborated with the Dutton Family to use their apples in a unique way.

After tasting his apple brandy in that initial project, I have followed Davis’ doings. I tend to be just as excited as he is about them.

If you want to partake in Davis’ goodwill drinking, visit www.whoafarm.org to learn more about his tasty WHOA pinot.