If you’re a sports fan who doubles as a wine enthusiast – it doesn’t get any better than this.

Sonoma County wine producers will be the official suppliers for Super Bowl 50 in the Bay Area in 2016.

These vintners will get more than their 15 minutes of fame. Try eight days. That’s how long “fan village” will be held before the game in February 2016. About 1 million impressionable visitors are expected to spend time in this village.



Impressionable is the key word here.

By the time the game rolls around, these visitors will likely be bonafide wine afficandos with a newfound curiosity about Sonoma brands.

At least that’s the hope of Sonoma producers.

The vintners’ presence will include a wine lounge and wine-pouring. It will also showcase sustainable efforts, most notably the Sonoma County Winegrowers’ commitment to have county acreage be 100 percent sustainable by 2019.

Kudos to Sonoma County for thinking outside the bottle.