walking deadIf you watch the hit television series “Walking Dead,” you don’t have to imagine a zombie apocalypse. All you need to do is ask yourself this question: Do I have the right wines stashed for one?

Personal Wine (www.personalwine.com) is offering its four-bottle series, and then I’ll tell you about my picks for a zombie apocalypse.

Personal Wine’s $74.99 four-bottle series features a range of wines — The UnDead Apocalyptic Red, Cadaver Cabernet Sauvignon, Still Alive by way of the Antidote, or even Zinfection Blight Zinfandel. To learn more about Personal Wine’s Walking Dead Wine Collector’s Series, visit www.personalwine.com/walking-dead. For a limited time, they are even discounting it to $64.99.

I have not tasted through the series, so buy at your own risk. However, the following three wines I’ve tasted, and I would want to uncork them immediately should I survive.

Christo, Lot No. #1 by Marietta Cellars, 15.3 percent, $22. This syrah-based blend is full-bodied with jammy fruit and a tap dance of spice. Snappy.

Saint Gregory, 2012 Mendocino County Pinot Noir, 13.5 percent, $20. This pinot is a steal for the price. It’s very aromatic and has a great structure. Notes of ripe cherry, toasty oak and spice. Lingering finish. Well crafted.

Medlock Ames, 2013 Lower Slope, Russian River Valley, Sonoma County Chardonnay, 13.9 percent alcohol, $40. This is a striking chardonnay that’s both rich and balanced. Not an easy feat. Aromas and flavors of crème brulee, apricot and mineral. Lush texture. Knockout.

*photo credit: Walking Dead / AMC