Pigs & Pinot at Healdsburg’s Dry Creek Kitchen this past weekend raised more than $150,000 for local charities and Share Our Strength by celebrating the duo.

So what is it that makes this pairing so compelling, not to mention profitable?

The experts say it can be pared down to one reason: range.

The styles of pinot noir are virtually countless but asked to describe the scope of it, vintner Daryl Groom gave it a go.

“Styles for pinot are from light, to medium body, to full and plush. They range from structural and minerality, to earthy and forest floor, to funky and gamey, to fruit driven ranging from red fruits to rich dark fruit. We see low oak styles fruit predominant, to quite heavy oaked styles.”

Pork is equally diverse, as chef Charlie Palmer points out with his delectable list.

  1. Pulled suckling Berkshire pork on cheddar biscuits
  2. Black pig pork shoulder paella
  3. Pork paté mangalitsa
  4. Pork belly oak smoked duroc pork belly over cannellini beans
  5. Porchetta devil’s gulch suckling porchetta
  6. 48 hour cured pork pozole (shoulder)
  7. Confit of duroc pork trotters
  8. Smoked pork belly consommé with hand cut semolina noodles
  9. Mangalitsa smoked corndog, chicharron
  10. Puerto Rican spiced Berkshire pork shoulder tacos
  11. St. Lewis cured mortadella muffaletta
  12. Steven’s Ranch Mangalitsa Pork Head Rillette
  13. Duroc Pig Lardo, Pork Sugo Cavatelli Pasta
  14. Crispy Pig’s Ear over Ricotta Gnocchi
  15. 48 hour braised Mangalitsa pork loin with carmalized onion stew
  16. Trotters Oak Smoked Pork Cheek Dumplings, spring onions
  17. Double smoked hobbs bacon and confit tomato sliders
  18. Fra’ mani artisan pepperoni and torpedo onion flat bread
  19. 24-hour “quick cure” Berkshire Hams with green onion soubise
  20. Devil’s Gulch Suckling Pork Ribs with Sierra Mole
  21. Fra’ mani artisan pepperoni and torpedo onion flat bread
  22. 24-hour “quick cure” fresh Berkshire Hams with Green Onion Soubise
  23. Devil’s Gulch Suckling Pork Ribs with Sierra Mole

In a nutshell, if someone asks you why the lovefest between pork and pinot, now you know the simple answer: range.