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7 quality bargain wines spotted at Costco

Some see Costco as the devil incarnate because when you shop there you give way to temptation; you begin to buy in bulk. For the wine connoisseur, this could mean a pallet of wine instead of a bottle or two. Costco is the number one retailer in the U.S, according [...]

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Romeo, check out these hip Valentine’s parties in Napa

This Valentine’s Day, if you want to step into your senses and benefit North Bay Fire victims at the same time, check out this hip “Devoured Party” on Feb. 10. Devoured plays to romantic foodies and wine geeks looking for a date that’s out of the ordinary. Whimsy is included [...]

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Zin-crazed up for ZinEX

Zinfandel fanatics are preparing to make their yearly pilgrimage to San Francisco Jan. 18 to 20 to taste through countless bottles of zinfandel as the 2016 vintage rolls onto the market. And so it begins … another year of zin-pandemonium. Organizers of ZinEx (formerly known as the ZAP Tasting) are [...]

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The countdown for bubbles has begun

I am an unabashed fan of sparklers – so much so that an editor once called me Bubbles Melnik. Every year I get excited for the bubbly tastings and this year, as I tasted through two flights of  sparklers, I was taken by the quality of the top scorers. It [...]

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Rise Up Sonoma raises $550,000

Sunday’s Rise Up Sonoma event raised 550,000 for people who are suffering from the worst firestorm in California’s history, killing 24 people in Sonoma County, leaving thousands homeless, and the landscape scarred. The challenges ahead for those affected already have organizers talking about planning an event for next year. As [...]

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Wine Country, scarred but resilient

Luther Burbank’s “chosen spot in all the world” is showing its resilience in the aftermath of the wildfires. The land, ribbed with vineyards, is scarred but people in this agrarian culture of ours are already rebuilding. And here’s what’s giving us a fighting chance: we are inhabited by winemakers who [...]

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Living in limbo has become the new normal

  The other day I leapt out of bed after seeing what I thought were flames on a mountain ridge in the not so distant sky. Luckily, I was mistaken. The raging fire I imagined was a harmless orange sun rising in the sky. "I'm jumpy," I told my husband. [...]

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One mayor in Italy knows how to draw a crowd with vino.


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Jordan Winery celebrates Cabernet with Ed Sheeran parody

To celebrate the cabernet harvest, Jordan Winery released parody video, “Shape of Cab.”

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Highlights from Sonoma County Wine Auction

Saturday’s spiraling bids raised a record-breaking $5.2 million in a single afternoon. To capture the color – the fashion, the humor, the bidding mentality – peruse this list of “bests,” from best television personality, to best setting, to best treats. For those who went to the auction and for the curious who didn’t, here are some snapshots.

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