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A knockout cab

Kudos to Dick Arrowood for making such a hot shot cab. His Amapola Creek, 2008 Sonoma Valley Cabernet Sauvignon is striking.

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Inaugural bubbles

This is the 56th Inaugural in America and we have plenty to celebrate: Peace. Most of us take it for granted that in our country power has always and continues to be transferred peacefully. So whether you’re from a red state or a blue one, this is truly something worth celebrating.

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And the most powerful woman in wine is …

Gina Gallo. And the most powerful woman in wine is ... Gina Gallo. That’s according to www.thedrinksbusiness.com. Today the online publication released the final, top 10 of the chosen 50, putting the 45-year old Gallo at the top of its list.

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Grapes of wrath? Not in the Russian River Valley

Grapes of wrath? Not in the Russian River Valley A documentary called "From Obscurity to Excellence: The Story of Grapes & Wine in The Russian River Valley," will be shown for the first time on Dec. 1 at the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts in Santa Rosa.

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Got bubbly? The election countdown begins.

If you don’t have bubbly on hand I seriously question your patriotism. Kidding, but on a practical note, there’s no time to lose. The election is closing in on us.

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Hurricane Sandy, cold showers & Wilson zin

Joyce Mullen lives in Lynbrook, Long Island and she’s still without power, enduring both cold showers and the annoyance of waiting in long lines for gas. She also has to deal with the irksome practice of charging her cell phone in her car. What to do? Uncork something and quick.

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The man behind the “French Paradox” died. His legacy: A paradigm shift

Serge Renaud, the man who challenged the world to see wine as a benefit rather than a risk, recently died in Medoc, north of the city of Bordeaux. He was 85. Renaud got his 15 minutes of fame when he appeared on 60 Minutes in 1991, arguing that the French [...]

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Ancient Oak Cellars has impeccable timing

Santa Rosa's Ancient Oak Cellars is putting the finishing touches on its downtown tasting room while the spotlight is on Sonoma County. The online travel site TripAdvisor has ranked Sonoma County as the nation’s premiere wine destinations and it snagged the number 2 spot among those in the world.

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The other Harvest Fair winners

The medal-winning wines weren’t the only ones to snag top honors last Saturday night. Guests feasting on lamb and polenta watched on as a line-up of Sonoma County’s finest took the stage -- vintner Clay Mauritson, celebrity chef John Ash, grower Mark Sanchietti and Art Ibleto of Pasta King fame.

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In Wine Country, here’s the talk …

Merry Edwards makes a mean blackberry pie … Bob Iantosca, winemaker of Sonoma’s Gloria Ferrer, makes a paella to die for … and Patrick Melley, winemaker of Russian Hill Estate Winery in Windsor, turns heads with his Cuban spiced pork dish. I’m working on a story for the paper to answer the million dollar question: Do winemakers have an edge in creating wine when they double as a home chef?

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