Pinot gris vs. pinot grigio

Did you know that pinot gris and pinot grigio are fraternal twins? While they’re made from the same white grape, they each have a distinct style of their own. Here’s all you need to know to keep your palate from getting confused: In Italy  the wine is known as pinot [...]

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Tips for the vegetarian wine-lover

Celery Parsley Carrots Garlic Onions Vegetables What’s a vegetarian to do? Drink up, naturally, with as much gusto as carnivores. There are just a few pairing tips to keep in mind: 1)      Opt for white wines rather than big boy reds because they would overwhelm your veggie dish. [...]

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Slow cooker wines

This is the time of year that I am eternally grateful for my slow cooker because it’s like having a personal chef. Who wouldn’t want Siri in the kitchen? I do nothing but toss in the ingredients and wait for the magic to happen. Then I pair that simmering goodness [...]

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Sonoma County’s Korbel, Natural Inaugural Pick For 9th Time

Korbel Natural will be uncorked at the Inaugural Luncheon Friday in Statuary Hall located at the U.S. Capitol, following the public Swearing In Ceremony.

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Napa in Newport?

There’s a wine auction gaining momentum that reconfigures geography – placing Napa squarely in Newport Beach – at least for one day every year. Napa in Newport, now in its third year, is March 4 at the Ritz-Carlton, Laguna Niguel. More than 40 Napa vintners will be pouring their wines [...]

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Who knew? Bubbly is as lethal as a Red Ryder BB Gun

The pressure inside a bottle of bubbly can launch a cork at 50 miles per hour and it can lead to serious eye injuries. The Red Ryder BB Gun is beginning to seem tame in comparison, eh? ”When a cork flies, you really have no time to react and protect [...]

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Test your wine IQ: Do you know when a wine is flawed?

Consider this 60-second alert your “flaw flash warning.” After you take our pop quiz, you’ll be able to sniff out a problem wine. True or False? A wine is flawed if it smells like: A)        band-aid? B)        barnyard? C)        wet, musty cardboard? D)   [...]

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This Thanksgiving, politics off the table

Keep politics out of the table talk this Thanksgiving. Everyone is focused on Thanksgiving, the big feast and, yes, politics. Everyone is plotting how to keep the holiday dinner from being a political nightmare. What does one do when you have staunch republicans and feisty democrats at one table? Simple. [...]

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Election night wine picks for frayed nerves

There is one thing, and perhaps only one thing, that unites Americans this election: anxiety. In a recent survey by the American Psychological Association, half of the people (52%) said the election “is a very or somewhat significant” source of stress in their lives. This anxiety is showing up on [...]

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Boost Your Wine IQ: Verdicchio, a varietal worth knowing

Verdicchio originated on the hills above the coast of eastern Italy. The flavor profile is dry, tart and crisp, with subtle fruit flavors. This zesty wine is the consummate seafood pairing with the likes of calamari and fish stews. With our warm Mediterranean climate in northern California, seafood is prized. [...]

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