The cadre of America’s wealthiest men gathered at the Bohemian Grove are fans of local.

“Typically if it’s not local, they don’t want it,” said John Haggard, the owner and wine buyer of Sophie’s Cellars in Duncan Mills.

Haggard knows the whims of these highbrow campers because this year he has been helping them with menu pairings.

Aside from Sophie’s Cellars, local purveyors have included Raymond’s Bakery in Cazadero, as well as Mom’s Apple Pies from Sebastopol.

Haggard is tight-lipped about particulars, but back in 2009 a grove member reportedly bought $20,000 worth of wine in a single afternoon at his shop.

“They’re so good to the local community, the farmers and the bakers.” Haggard said.

The wine shop owner doesn’t think we should bother these men who fly here in their private jets because they have a right to a vacation.

“The Nobel Laureates, the physicists, the scientists, the artist, every writer, every guitarist, every novelist that is going to be there is available online,” Haggard said. “Why can’t we give them two weeks off?”

It begs the question. If you have a private jet and you’re a millionaire, aren’t you always on vacation?


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