shutterstock_326456669Grown-ups may like liquid treats, but they’re more than happy to pair them with the goodies they can raid from their kids’ trick or treat bags.

Traci Dutton of The Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena has some tasty pairings in mind for these adult tricksters. While I haven’t yet tried her selections, I would trust Dutton’s pairings. I know she has a good palate because I’ve tasted with her on several wine panels.

With Dutton’s tasting credentials intact, let’s get on with this wicked wine pairing.

#1 Match

Almond, Chocolate, and Coconut Candy Bar

Dutton: “Pair with Tawny Port to match the nutty, caramelized flavors and cleanse the richness of the candy from the palate with the elevated alcohol content.”


#2 Match

Peanut Butter Cup

Dutton: “If you like the idea of a PB&J party in your mouth, any sweet red wine blend will give you that trail-mix trifecta of fruit, nuts and chocolate.”


#3 Match

Candy Corn

Dutton: “Try this with an opulent chardonnay – the bigger the better. The candy will tone down the richness; bring out oaky, pumpkin spice flavors; and highlight the acid.”


#4 Match

Sour Anything

Dutton: “Icy-cold prosecco, with its yellow apple and lemony flavors, will love the tartness of sour candies and won’t mask their fruit flavor.”


#5 Match

Black Licorice

Dutton: “With flavors of earth, anise, and fennel seed, this chewy candy calls out for bold, rich cabernet sauvignon with its complimentary flavors and similar intensity and intrigue.”


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