The new “Wine Bible” is on the market today.

At 1,000 pages, this is one of the most comprehensive books on wine you’ll ever come across. It’s also a great read because author Karen MacNeil isn’t just a great reporter, she’s a writer who knows her craft. MacNeil’s line about chardonnay, for example, is: “It’s the Marilyn Monroe of [...]

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Bottled tricks or treats for Halloween

Halloween enthusiasts love tricks or treats – especially when they’re bottled. Here are a few great trick bottlings: A Halloween staple is the Poizin brand encased in a wooden coffin. It’s produced by Healdsburg’s Armida Winery and it has a great sense of humor. Uncorking this brand has become a [...]

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Gin and tonic, Laurel & Hardy … but tomatoes and wine?

Tomatoes, it seems, have a bullhorn of screeching acid, which makes a wine pairing seem like the odd couple. But there are ways to tame the acid and this past weekend at Kendall-Jackson’s Tomato Festival two savvy tomato-tamers revealed their tricks. K-J Winemaster Randy Ullom and chef Zoi Antonitsas shared [...]

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Francis Ford Coppola unveils new name for the former Geyser Peak Winery

Francis Ford Coppola. (Photo: Featureflash / Shutterstock.com) The Academy Award-winning director, best known for his Godfather series and Apocalypse Now, looked at the Today Show crew and joked “Who’s the director here? I’m the actor today.” Once Coppola was given his cue, he unveiled the new name of [...]

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The Best of the Best at the Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction

At Sunday’s Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction bidders were giddy with goodwill, raising a record-breaking $4.5 million. To capture the color of the auction – the fashion, the humor, the bidding mentality – here’s this year’s list of “bests,” from best dressed, to best lot, to best quote. For those who [...]

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The Face behind Fund-the-Future

Meet Briana Lara. The eight-year-old wears jeans, pink sneakers with yellow laces and a t-shirt that says: “Keep Calm and Shine On.” When she smiles, she surprises you with dimples. Briana is one among many in Sonoma County benefiting from Fund-The-Future, the group lot that raised a record-breaking $1.7 million [...]

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Crowdfunding at the Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction?

“Fund-the-Future” is the ultimate in crowdfunding, and this Kickstarteresque effort to raise money for literacy is certain to spiral into seven digits at Sunday’s Sonoma Harvest Wine Auction. This incarnation of crowdfunding happens, for the most part, under the white tent where the goodwill hoopla is infectious. Last year paddle-holders [...]

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“I don’t think the incident will keep African Americans from Wine Country, but it might keep them from the wine train.”

Mack Roach III, an African American wine enthusiast, said he’s concerned about the recent Napa Wine Train incident. The radiation oncologist at UCSF in San Francisco was just in Wine Country on Saturday. He joined 100 other African Americans at Vision Cellars’ Greens Cook Off. “I don’t think the incident will [...]

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Top five earthquake preparedness tips for vintners

Several vintners I spoke to weren’t affected by Sunday’s tremor – the 3.92-magnitude earthquake with its epicenter northeast of The Geysers. But this jolt, coupled with the one-year anniversary of the South Napa earthquake, has many vintners taking action. Here’s a short list of tips from vintners: 1)        Talk to [...]

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Beware. Green wine drinkers detest greenwashing.

Greenwashing? Greenwashing is the practice of just paying lip service to environmental issues, and for the record, Millennials loathe it. “They are always on the lookout for corporate hypocrisy,” according to Forbes magazine. How does this translate to the green wine drinker? I recently asked several of these green palates, [...]

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